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Our Museum of Vancouver x Locomotive collaboration was inspired by some of the most special artifacts in the MOV collection.

Both the Vancouver: The Golden City of the West booklet (artifact # H2008.23.326) and the Lion maquette (artifact # H984.1.1) were gifted to the museum by Peggy Imredy who in total donated 3,356 items of Stanley Park memorabilia to the museum in 2015. Amazing, right? We’d love to know more about this fascinating lady.

For our Golden City shirt we were inspired by the booklet covers’ clean design showcasing Vancouver’s skyline, mountains, and harbour, as they were in the 1930’s when the booklet was produced for Vancouver’s Golden Jubilee. We updated and transformed the artwork into a modern and timeless halftone print. Clean design and heritage inspiration are what we do best.

The Lions is a maquette made by made by sculptor Charles Marega during the design process for the iconic statues at the Lions Gate Bridge. For this design, we used our recognized line drawn style, with a heavier presentation and cracked finish for a stone sculpture feel. We were inspired by the challenge of preserving the look and keeping crude imperfections, and we transformed it into a strong and modern iconic Vancouver tshirt. 

But we also couldn't resist rose gold foil. 

 This collection also represents a turning point for our brand. Since day one, we have been committed to high quality, ethically produced tshirts, always made in North America with fair wages. We are stepping that commitment up a notch here and introducing more organic cotton as well as RPET recycled fibers (from pop bottles!) into our products. We couldn’t think of a better fit for our foray into sustainable fashion.

 Photography: Julie Christine Photography