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Every once in a while it's good to take a look around and ask yourself why you do what you do. When we ask ourselves this question the same answer always comes up - we love the stories. 

We have loads of these stories. You tell us on the street and at handmade markets and via email, Instagram and Facebook. You gifted your grandpa the Tractor tee because he had a John Deere on the family farm, your model train collecting dad and son live in their grandpa and grandson matching Big Train tee set.

You proudly tell us that you are a "Life is Rad momma" and that you put the LIR tee on your kid because there have been health problems and the message has been a positive light for your family. This tee has inspired the most amazing stories from Northerners living all over the world, and right here at home. And then there's the Community Tees...

You get the point. Locomotive Clothing is all about creating graphics that can tell your story, display your pride and your heritage and your values. So please help us share these stories

Submission Guidelines:

Please send a high res photo of yourself or your pal or loved one in one of our tees, as well as the story behind why the shirt is a favourite. How does the tee connect to your story, heritage, pride or values? Try to keep the tale under 150-200 words, but feel free to be creative - a haiku, rap, poem, song or video are wonderful too. If we blog or Instagram your story, we will ship you any free tee of your choice. Send your submissions to with the subject heading "My Story"

Photo credit: Kimberley Kufaas Photography. Find our Canada Collection here